Health and Personal Hygiene.
Emotional Development.
Social Skills.
Mental Ability.

Primary years

Build key skill in core subjects.
Develop important educational.
Develop athletic skills.
Learn independence, life skills, self reliance.

Lower Secondary year

Build on their existing skill at a higher, more demanding level.
Study a wider choice of academic activities, designed to develop independent and individual thought.

Upper Secondary year

Prepare for and sit the University of Cambridge IGCSE examinations in their chosen subjects.
Use critical thinking skills to assess and analyse the world around themselves.


Throwback: One of the most important school traditions is Teacher Appreciation Day, when students pay respect to their teachers and show them how much they appreciate all that they do for them throughout the school year. The feeling is mutual, as teachers equally care about their students and want them to excel, too.

Our students stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic by doing home-based learning through fun and challenging lessons.

Dance Contest 2020.

Secondary 6 student Dindan and his teammates are to be congratulated on their achievement in a recent Pattaya basketball tournament. Dindan is the secondary's best overall athlete and is especially well-known for his basketball skills.

Happy New Year 2021!

Congrats to Amy, in secondary 6, and her dance group for placing fourth in the Harbor Cove Seed 2020. We are all very proud of this group of talented dancers. Kudos to them!